Bus Information


Bus Rules

  • Students will sit in their assigned seats.

  • No vulgar language, teasing, or loud talking is permitted.

  • No arms, hands, feet, etc. may be out the window.

  • Please keep feet out of the aisle

  • Remain seated until the bus stops.

  • No food or drinks permitted on the bus without being in a lunch box or bag.

  • Flowers, balloons, radios, CD / video players, and toys are not permitted on the bus.

  • Book bags must be held in laps or placed directly under the seat when riding.

                                        Bad Weather Information:

Bad weather may soon be here!! When we have hazardous weather, please remember that our bus routes may be limited.  This means that if your road is icy or covered in snow, the bus will not travel down that road.  Our drivers and parents are aware of the roads that usually have problems, but it may be necessary to stay off other roads.  We cannot predict who will get the heaviest sleet or snow, where a tree might have fallen, or where the state has salted or scraped.  Many times a road may be clear, but the bus turn around location is not clear.  We will make every effort to inform you if it is unsafe to drive a bus on your road.  However, if a driver is already on their route and comes to a road that looks icy and hazardous, they will use their best judgement at that time.