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Harmony Elementary School Profile
Vision: Harmony Elementary strives to exceed expected growth for all student by promoting Science, Technology, Engineering, Math and Agriculture (STEM-Ag) education through Problem Based Learning. In our classrooms, we create a nurturing environment where all students collaborate, problem solve, and innovate. We strive to produce problem solving students who aspire to be successful in their community. 
Mission: Harmony Elementary School will work as a team using STEM-Ag Education to meet and support the needs of all learners while developing curious and responsible students. 

Core Values: Performance excellence is driven by requirements, high student expectations, customer needs, decisions based on data, alignment of goals and systems, and research based best teaching practices.Continual improvement must engage staff and community.

Demographics:  Pre-K– 5th grades. Certified staff – 31; Classified staff- 21. Student enrollment – 421; White – 285 (67.6%), Hispanic – 93 (22.1%), African-American – 32 (7.6%) and Multi-Racial –11 (2.6%).  Free lunch and Reduced lunch – 62%   

Program Offerings: Pre-K-5 NC Standards;  Five Star Prime Time; K-2 Letterland Phonics, Daily 5 Reading and Singapore Math; Accelerated Reading Program; ESL and EC pullout and self-contained services;  Character Education: RtI individualized student programming. 

 Results: Top School of Growth for Iredell Statesville Schools; 2007 School of Distinction; 2005 Honor School of Excellence; 2004,2003 School of Distinction; 2002 School of Progress; Four consecutive years of meeting 13 of 13 AYP targets; Five consecutive years of meeting growth standards; Continuous Proficiency Growth – 54.4% (1997) – 77.8% (2006).includes change in Math Standards -'06.

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Key Improvement Focus for 2018-19 School Year

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Contact: Harmony Elementary School
139 Harmony School Road, Harmony, NC 28634
Phone: 704-546-2643
Fax: 704-546-3074
Todd Russo, Principal.